Restaurant Recommendations

Casual Vibe:

The Stove

The BEST waffles in the world. They are light and airy with a crunchy outer layer and pure happiness in the center when you bite into it. They are known for their skillets with all the goodness of breakfast foods all tossed together and served in a cast iron skillet.

Warming Hut

Great breakfast with healthy options. But they do have all the hearty breakfast platters you crave. This used to be at Canyon Lodge, you can get caught up on their history in their menu. 

Bleu Market & Kitchen

This is an upscale market and restaurant. You can do a sit down meal at the front of the place or get a beautifully arranged charcuterie board and rotisserie chicken in the market area in the back. There are a lot of options for cooked dishes, ready to be packed and served. 

Shelter Distilling

Great cocktails and really good shrimp tacos! That’s all you need to know. It is in the village, seating is limited so be prepared to wait when it’s busy.

Mammoth Brewing Co

This is where everyone goes and you can tell by the line that goes out the door. They are known for their burgers but everything is good there.

Yodler Restaurant and Bar

Get a table on the deck and watch the kids at the ski school during the winter or at the kids park in the summer. Or forget the kids because this is the best apre ski hangout at the Main Lodge. Get the Sausage Hunter’s Platter and you will be happy with your beverage of choice.

Liberty Sports Bar

This is your basic bar food menu with burgers and chicken wings and really good fries! There is a wide variety of cocktails as well as a nice beer and bourbon selection. This is where you go if you just wanna relax and be low maintenance. 

John’s pizza works

This is the best pizza in town (I didn’t say it was THE best pizza). It has an arcade if you want to dine in but it is very close to this townhouse so you can go and pick it up quickly, the service is fast. I would not order any of the entrée items but the salads are good. 

Grown and Dressed Up:


 This is an upscale Scandinavian restaurant with exceptional food. The menu is small but they pay attention to make sure every dish is amazing. The scallops are so good when they are available. This is a very delicate meal so if you’re super hungry, save this for a non workout day.

Mammoth Rock Brasserie

This is inside a bowling alley so you may wonder why it is considered upscale but that’s what’s so wonderful about this place. The bowling alley is really nice so it’s not the dive you’re thinking of. The upstairs brasserie is beautiful with a gorgeous view of the Sherwin Mountains and the food is spot on. The chef is French-ish, he will come around and check on every table so you can ask him where he’s from. Go for their specials. They also have a fantastic wine list.

Tamarak Lodge

You go for the setting here. This is a traditional lodge structure right on twin Lakes. The lobby has a really quaint bar that you should not miss, arrive early to your dinner reservation to take advantage of it. The dining room is tiny as is the menu, special attention is paid to each dish. This is a pricey dinner and it is very quiet so it is something that is strictly a grown-up date. 

Petra’s Bistro

This is where you go to get gourmet food without all the fuss of getting dressed up. The drinks were amazing and delicious. The gnocchi with mushroom sage sauce was spectacular as well as the grilled octopus. They do have some more basic plates that are also really good  but those really stood out.

Local Dives:

Latin Market

This is a little latin market with a kitchen in the back. You order with the cashier and while you wait for the best tacos and burritos in town, you can shop for your essentials, like hot sauce! They have a crazy variety of them.

The Stove

The best waffles you will ever eat. They also have skillets with all the best morning goodies scrambled together in a huge heap. The breakfast will set you up all day so if you plan on going on a major hike, start here. It is totally worth skipping a ski day to have breakfast and do some tubing or snowshoeing.

Dos Alas CubaRican Cafe

They have cuban sandwiches and that’s it. They are seriously the best thing in town but you have to pay the price of waiting for them! Call in your order but make sure to check in to see if it is ready before heading over there. Or just go when the town is quiet. It is along the town loop so if you’re doing that, this is a great stop for lunch (when it’s not busy). You can sit outside and take in the views!